Hextag/Hexprog Ecu Cloning Tool

Safety while using

Hextag in the most safe tool that deal with cars modules like CAS4, BDC, and other immo modules.

User Friendly Software

You can with a few clicks complete the most complicated jobs, like repairing a module (FRM3)

Competitive price

With the varity of functions (Ecu cloning, BDM Read/Write, Key Reset,..etc) Hextag is your best choice!

HexTag Programmer is the latest Ecu Tuning/Cloning and BDM tool produced by Microtronik L.L.C

With Hextag you can clone,tune and repair different types of Ecus, Tcus, immobilisers and other modules in different car brands. It can read the ECU’s D-flash, P-flash, External Flash and external EEPROMS in fraction of seconds which is faster compared to any tool in the market.

Ecu Tuning/Cloning Solution

With Hextag you can clone/tune a wide range of Ecus, it's fast and reliable!

Hextag/Hexprog Ecu Cloning

Ecu Cloning

BDM Read/Write Solution

You can Read and write Flash, EEPROM, P-Flash and D-Flash from different immobilisers

Hextag/HexProg BDM Read/Write

BDM Read/Write

Keys Renew Solution

Using Hextag you can renew/reset a wide range of cars models including latest models

Hextag/HexProg Keys Renew/Reset

Keys Renew/Reset