1. Unplug BCM from the car (Careless Removal of the module may cause a damage to the car or the control itself, it must be carried under user's RISK)
  2. Remove BCM board from the casing
  3. BCM
  4. Solder wires to BCM based on the below connection diagram using BDM cable
  5. BCM wiring
    BCM wiring
  6. Select the BCM/CPU version from HexProg software
  7. Do the desired function for read/write BCM in Software
  8. Unsolder wires
  9. Connect BCM back to car



In Some MASK versions of BCM you may face an error on writing d-flash/p-flash  back to BCM.In that cases please remove the components marked in BLUE arrows on the above picture and write data to BCM

Last Update: 3/24/2019